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We Are Proud To Announce We Now Represent Grimani Systems!


Grimani systems deliver exceptional sound quality and audience coverage thanks to the groundbreaking Conic Section Array™

loudspeaker waveguide.

A Few Key Factors

Unlimited Power

The amplifiers and driver units all meet very high efficiency and high power specifications. Even at very high sound pressure levels, the system has ample reserve and headroom.

Tirelessly Reliable

With time-tested componentry, meticulous construction processes, and significant headroom, our devices will work reliably day-in and day-out. We can even monitor that all systems operate properly through cloud-based testing.


Grimani systems are conceived as totally musical by audiophile engineers and designers with a long history in music performance and production.

Architecturally Integrated

All the Grimani Systems speakers are made as compact and shallow as possible in order to be concealed behind stretched fabric décor or acoustically transparent screen. The electronics are also efficiently conceived to use as little space as possible.

Grimani Systems offers perfectly engineered speaker ensembles featuring their 2-Way Active Bi-Amplified DSP Speakers, 3-Way Active Tri-Amplified DSP Speakers and Active Subwoofers.

We can deliver the perfect system for almost any size room

The CinemaOne below is one example. Click on the picture for more info

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