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3 Uses 1 Epic Mesh

Luxul Epic Mesh is for more than just your typical WiFi mesh setup. Epic Mesh is your Swiss-army-knife of home networking tools, and with ProWatch+ and other features built for the custom installer, you will have the flexibility you need on a variety of jobs. For more detail on setting up Epic Mesh for the uses below, make sure to watch our how to video


The first and most obvious use case for Epic Mesh is the typical mesh system. Simply set up one node as the router node, where the internet coming in from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) connects to the modem, then the modem to your router mesh node. You would then set up this router node using the Luxul Easy Setup App, and using the same app, set up any additional nodes based on coverage needed for your installation. Setup is simple and expands quickly based on needs – this is the perfect solution for installs where it is not realistic to run network cables, like an existing structure, or where you know you need to expand the network in the future.


In a smaller network or application, Epic Mesh is perfect as a standalone wireless router. Like the typical application above, you would connect one mesh node to the modem with the ISP coming in and set that node up as the router. Setup takes only a few minutes using the Luxul Easy Setup App. Remember that when setting up Epic Mesh like this, you want to make sure the single node gives you the proper coverage needed in your space (one node typically covers up to 1500 sq. ft.*). The opportunity with this type of install is to expand the network by simply adding additional nodes – which will then function as a typical mesh system.


In the instance you need a wired router, Epic Mesh has your back! Since Epic Mesh has a 1Gb WAN to LAN connection and a full user interface for router configuration, it’s a powerful, cost-effective substitute for the traditional wired router. Say you already have a WiFi network backbone in place but need to upgrade the router to something that can handle more speed, or plan to build out the WiFi network behind your wired router, then Epic Mesh is a great option. Setup is the same, using the Luxul Easy Setup app. However, once complete, you would want to turn the WiFi broadcast off. You can now use traditional wired Access Points or something similar, to provide the WiFi and not the Mesh router

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