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The Original Pendant Speaker™


SoundTube IPD-SM82-EZ-II-WX IP-Addressable Speaker in Black


The Original Pendant Speaker™


SoundTube speakers are unlike anything you’ve ever heard - or seen - before.

No other speaker company takes the same approach to developing technology and bringing innovation to the market like SoundTube® does. We are constantly striving to bring the best possible technologies with the highest quality to ensure you receive the most from our products.

From the attention-grabbing cylindrical structures that gave us our name, to the sleek, contemporary designs we create today, one thing has always set us apart: superior sound. With an unwavering focus on solution-based engineering and customer satisfaction, SoundTube Entertainment has been crafting cost-effective, high-quality, aesthetic speakers for the commercial sound industry since the mid 1990’s.



RSi Original Pendants


Full-frequency dispersion


The hallmark of SoundTube’s RSi speakers is
full-frequency dispersion, made even more robust
with SoundTube’s revolutionary BroadBeam™
high-frequency dispersion technology.


Wiring Made Easy

Included with every RSi speaker is a four-pin
Euroblock connector that speeds wiring,
simplifies daisy-chaining of multiple speakers and allows
for pre-wiring.

Hanging Hardware Included

Easily adjustable installation hardware,
including hanging and safety cables and SpeedClamps™,
is packaged with each RSi speaker.


Surface-Mounting Option

In addition to hanging in open-ceiling environments,
RSi speakers can be surface-mounted with
SoundTube’s optional bracket.


ZeroReflection™ Enclosure

RSi enclosures are engineered to eliminate standing sound
waves inside the cabinet for a better sound. Our speaker
cabinets produce intelligible sound in large open
spaces while integrating with all types of architecture.

Hanging Speakers

HPi High Ceiling Pendants

RS-EZ Economical Pendants

FP Focus Point Parabolic

NextGen™ Pendant Speakers

From the creator of The Original Pendant Speaker™ in 1985, SoundTube Entertainment has just reinvented the category with the launch of its NextGen Pendants.

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