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AcousticSmart is a family owned company that is a division of GC Building Products. Our parent company has been serving the New York/New Jersey area for over 50 years. Our focus and specialty at AcousticSmart is the design & fabrication of Acoustically Treated Custom Home Theatre Interiors. We are also the proud manufacturers of the Finest Quality Home Theatre Seating in the business.

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Stone Tower Theatre - View 7
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Theater Seating

Marble Surface

Custom Theaters

Drive-In Theater

Egyptian Home Theater

The Norman Theater

The Reyes Theater

The Aramalla Theater

Antepara Residence Home Theater

Marble Surface

More Products

Console Arm.png

Console Arm

Console Arm

The console arm comes with a built-in tray, which can accommodate the remote control for your home theatre system. This optional feature was designed with the customer in mind, to eliminate messy wires and the added comfort of not needing to hold onto the remote. Additionally you are able to charge your controller right in the console arm. The console also has 2 cup holders for added convenience.

Console dimensions: 25″ x 12″ x 34″

Tray dimensions: 9″ wide x 11″ long x 1″ deep x 1/2″ lip


Smart Art

We can create custom art for you. We can even alter the colors on the existing SmartArt designs to match your current color palette. We have access to panoramic images that can change your theatre into an amazing scenic experience. See how we can transform your media room into one of the most distinctive theatres environments available.

The program begins with your computer and our color theatre Palette. The style of your room lies at the tips of your fingers and is easy and fun to operate. Gather the whole family around the computer screen as you mix and match endless possibilities. Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, elegant or bold the choice is yours. A simple click of your mouse will make it happen.

The electronics professional who introduced this program to you is one of the few top-line companies in the business (the only ones we associate with). Our experience together is priceless as the success of your project relies ultimately on our team work and coordination. Rest assured that you are in good hands.

Private theatres are the ultimate family room experience and are a unique investment for your home. Let the kids have a slumber party, have “ladies movie night”, or call the guys over to catch the big game. Experience the thrills and excitement of your own private theatre courtesy of AcousticSmart.

Create your own custom combinations with our interactive demo!

Marble Surface


Fiber Optic Ceiling
Curtains and Motorized Rods
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