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Grimani Systems

Journey To Another Place and Time in The Luxury Of Your Private Cinema


Systems Overview


CinemaOne Ensemble

  • 20,000 watts, rooms up to 1,300ft2

CinemaTwo Ensemble

  • 20,000 watts, rooms up to 700ft2

CinemaThree Ensemble

  • 7,500 watts, rooms up to 450ft2

CinemaFour Ensemble

  • 4,300 watts, rooms up to 400ft2

CinemaFive Ensemble

  • 2,500 watts, rooms up to 350ft2


Alpha Loudspeaker

  • Audiophile Home Cinema Speaker

  • 3-Way Active Tri-Amplified DSP / 1000W/500W/250W

Beta Loudspeaker

  • Audiophile Home Cinema Speaker

  • 2-Way Active Bi-Amplified DSP / 500W/250W

Delta Loudspeaker

  • Audiophile Home Cinema Speaker

  • 2-Way Active Bi-Amplified DSP / 600W x2

Tau Loudspeaker

  • Audiophile Tower Speaker

  • 2-Way Active Bi-Amplified DSP / 600W x2

Rixos Speaker Series

  • Shallow Speaker Series

  • 2-Way Active Bi-Amplified DSP / 600W/160W

Omega Ceiling Loudspeaker

  • Angled In-ceiling Speaker

  • 2-way Active Bi-Amplified DSP / 360W x2

Omicron Ceiling Loudspeaker

  • Angled In-ceiling Speaker

  • 2-way Active Bi-Amplified DSP / 80W x2


Sigma Subwoofer

  • For 1000 ft2 rooms – four units per room

Psi Subwoofer

  • For 600 ft2 rooms – four units per room

Zeta Subwoofer

  • For 400 ft2 rooms – four units per room

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Cinema One Ensemble

The Grimani Systems CinemaOne Audio Ensemble package is the most refined high SPL loudspeaker package available in the industry to day. Suitable for rooms up to 20,000 cubic feet, this package is capable of filling larger screening rooms with sound that is at once dynamic, accurate and nuanced in ways that even good audiophile loudspeakers cannot achieve. This is a result of proprietary technologies and techniques, like our Conic Section Array™ waveguide. Installation and setup is a fraction of that required by conventional solutions.
With decades of experience working with large-scale audio systems, reliability is built into our product’s DNA. In the event of a problem, a Grimani System’s technician can take a look at the system via the Internet, as all our speakers are IP addressable. Commissioning and calibration of the system is included in the price.


Conic Section Array™ Waveguides

Developed by Grimani Systems founder Manny LaCarrubba, the Conic Section Array™ (CSA) is a novel waveguide that represents a new class of ultra-wide dispersion device.  The CSA grew out of Manny’s work with a previous invention called Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT).  Danish consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen utilizes ALT.  You can find Manny’s invention rising out of the dashboards of several of the major European automotive brands, and in nearly all of B&O’s higher end speaker and video products.
What these waveguides do is solve the age-old problem that all conventional high frequency drive units have with the beaming high frequency content in an ever increasingly narrow coverage angle.  This means that you can only hear full frequency content if you are directly in front of the speaker (or nearly so).  It’s important to realize that ALL loudspeakers exhibit this behavior to some degree –Acoustic Lenses or a Conic Section Array™ GREATLY mitigate the problem.
Why is this “beaming” of high frequencies phenomenon a problem?  Well, it’s in the high frequencies (above approximately 3kHz) that the attack of a drum, the pluck of a string, the sibilance of the voice, the brassiness of trumpets and the “air” in music lives.  It’s the high frequencies that bring life to recordings; too little and everything sounds “soft” and un-engaging; too much and things get “hard” and “edgy” sounding — which is very fatiguing to the ear. This problem is particularly acute in loudspeakers for cinema use.



Grimani Systems loudspeakers are active speakers, and make use of digital signal processing (DSP).  All the amplifiers and DSP are located in the speaker to increase reliability and simplify installation.  Our speakers accept a standard AES/EBU digital signal at 24bit, 96kHz resolution that is carried on a standard CAT 5 cable.  Having high quality and very powerful digital signal processing for each loudspeaker enables us to take a slightly different approach loudspeaker design.

active speakers.jpg


As most integrators know, an active speaker is one in which the crossover uses “active” or powered electronics and amplifiers are built in to the cabinet of the speaker. This paradigm has become quite common for recording studio monitors and sound reinforcement speakers. There are a few examples of esoteric hi-fi speakers as well.
Why did we at Grimani Systems choose to build our speakers this way when virtually all other manufactures of cinema loudspeakers do not? Well, there are some compelling reasons.  It’s a mystery to us that more in our industry have not taken the lead from the professional side of the business – then again, we have a background in professional audio.

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