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Automagical, intelligent living.


Life happens fast, so does automation. Get ahead with solutions for smarter homes and buildings.


There’s a reason you go for a custom build. You want a home that fits your unique lifestyle. That’s exactly where Loxone takes your home to the next level; by completely adapting it to your lifestyle with true automation.
What does a Loxone Smart Home do? It provides a flexible, reliable ecosystem that takes control of lighting, audio, room climate, security and more to meet unique needs wether you’re home or away. You save on energy and costs without even trying.



While the way that we build homes has remained relatively unchanged over the decades, the amount of technology that we’re including in them is changing faster than most of us can keep up with today.


Getting ahead on the latest technology doesn’t have to mean adding more complex features just for the sake of “adding more” to lifestyles. With Loxone, technology runs in the background to support lifestyles.


Save 50,000 tasks, enjoy more time to live. Your smart home provides functionality that makes life easier.

Flexible & scalable. Endless possibilities for home automation.


Reliable & secure. Your smart home, your data.


Simple control, yet rarely needed. Minimize switches, but have everything under control.

360° solution. All systems for lighting, audio and more form a cohesive ecosystem.


Take Total Control
With the Loxone App

Whether iOS or Android on your smartphone or tablet, for your lighting, heating, home security or even your pool or car charger – the Loxone App lets you control it all from any location.

  • Lighting colors, brightness

  • Check security & alarms

  • Music interface with Favorites, Grouping and more

  • Video intercom image and interaction

  • Scheduling modes for climate control


Home automation – wired or wireless

Find out the best solution for your new build or retrofit project

Screenshot 2022-02-23 150636.png

Intelligent automation:
One solution for it all. The Miniserver provides extensive functionality in buildings of any type and size.

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