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Colorbeam’s innovative proprietary low voltage technology

Colorbeam is building innovations in human-centric lighting with low voltage lighting solutions and a patented GATEway Processor. The tunability of light and flicker-free dimming gives users complete control over lighting their spaces.


Powered and controlled over a single CAT cable, Colorbeam’s revolutionary low voltage lighting technology continuously drives innovation in the lighting industry.


Our lighting luminaires and innovative low voltage infrastructure eliminate the need for traditional ROMEX wire, giving users complete control over their lighting solutions.


Colorbeam's GATEway processor drives tunability, complete color control, ease of third-party control integration and flawless dimming.


Our end-to-end low voltage lighting solutions include a wide array of luminaires that deliver unmatched features and benefits, with a range of interior and exterior applications for both residential and commercial spaces.

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World-Class Lighting Experiences for Every Space

Colorbeam’s complete indoor and outdoor lighting lineup enhances lifestyle, wellness, and productivity in residential, commercial, and hospitality.
Working closely with architects, builders, designers, and AV Integrators, we strive to deliver a transformative experience through lighting in every space: residential, landscape, commercial, or hospitality.

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