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Ultra Fidelity Outdoor Speakers




Welcome to  the  Rockustics®  sound  adventure,  where  the  highest  quality  outdoor  speakers  are  combined with  authentic  environmental  design  to  transform  your  outdoor  space  into  a  high-fidelity  paradise.  When it comes to audio and artistic perfection, Rockustics leaves no stone unturned. 




Fully Weather Proof

Rockustics speakers are fully weatherproof, so they do not have to be moved indoors during the winter or in stormy environments. Rockustics can be left out year-round and can withstand most weather and climates. One user reported that his Rockustics speakers worked even after being buried in a ten-foot mudslide! They are rust resistant and won’t deteriorate in humid or salty coastal environments. From outdoor cafes to hotel courtyards and theme parks, Rockustics  nature-inspired,  weatherproof  designs  will ensure you can “Rock On!” all year long.

Fade and Chip Resistant

Handcrafted in the USA, Rockustics® products are composed  of  a  proprietary  polymer  composite  material supplemented with an elastomer compound, marble dust and texturing agents to provide exceptional durability and a realistic look and feel. Unlike most outdoor speakers, Rockustics  speakers  have  the  color  impregnated  in  the  resin shell. This means that even if a rock’s surface becomes chipped, you won’t see a gray or white scar. The impregnated resin also means they weather naturally, much like a real rock (also known as “patina“), instead of just fading.


Theft-Resistant and backed by a 10-Year Warranty

These speakers are hefty! Rockustics speakers are constructed of a proprietary resin mixed with marble dust, and it’s thick; they won’t break, and they’re heavy enough that a casual thief will think twice about trying to walk away with one. Rockustics speakers can also be outfitted with the optional RSB1 security bracket to further deter theft. We’re so confident that we make the world’s top outdoor speakers, that we offer an industry-leading 10-year warranty on all speakers.

High Fidelity Audio

When it comes to audio perfection, Rockustics leaves no stone unturned. Rockustics’ speakers are a result of demanding  design  specifications,  achieved  through  a combination  of  non-parallel  enclosure  walls  that  minimize unnatural resonances,  high frequency lift for maximum dispersion in  the  open air and  professionally designed crossovers  and  components.

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