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DSG Metro is Proud To Announce We now Represent Juke Audio!

Juke Audio is a Los Angeles based manufacturer and designer of multi-room amplifiers with wireless streaming capabilities. At the size of a textbook, our product makes it so users can play audio to wired ceiling and wall speakers throughout every room of their home seamlessly. While this concept is not entirely new, the ability to use one amplifier to power 6 or 8 zones (depending on the model) and control each of the zones via a proprietary wireless software interface is extremely unique.

The product was born out of the founders’ own home audio needs. After scouring the internet, it became clear that everything on the home audio market for powering ceiling and wall speakers was either overly complicated and/or overpriced. We confronted this issue by constructing what eventually would become Juke; a product built by the consumer for the consumer. With an affordable price, quick installation process, and simple user interface, Juke is a whole home audio solution filling a void in the marketplace.

For more information give us a call at 6314459692 or send us an email at

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