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Nothing better than a backyard filled with great sounding speakers

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

In Stock and Ready to Go!!

Great Sounding Music makes everything better

Octorock by Rockustics Econorock by Rockustics Rockustics CB5

Weathered 2-way, Porous and Weathered The Cherry Bomb by

100 watt speaker. Sedimentary Rock Design, Rockustics includes 3

Colors-Gray this 2-way Rock Speaker is Way Design, 5” dual-

or Brown ideal for small to Medium Sized Chamber band-pass

Driver: 8" coax Ohms: 4 areas. 6.5" Coaxial Driver, 4 Ohm Subwoofer, a 4 inch

fits beautifully in larger Impedance. Available in Grey or Woofer, and a .75 inch

backyards and pool areas, Sandstone also available in 70v Tweeter all in one

as well as other settings Small Unit

requiring more bass

also available in 70v

We also have plenty of direct burial wire, stereo and multi-channel amplifiers, TruAudio VSSL's and NuVo music streamers !!!

Call us at 516-249.8800

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