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Acurus Muse A/V Processor: Review


New Acurus Tools Firmware Announced --

Acurus Tools v2.950

Acurus Tools is an easy-to-use, all-in-one PC application to manage the installation and maintenance of all Acurus products.

Version 2.950 provides a quick, convenient way to save settings such as speaker parameters, trigger settings, etc. from an Acurus Processor to a PC file, thus creating a backup of your client's installation. You can restore settings from any backup file at a later date or copy these settings to another processor entirely. Saving backups is especially useful after running ASPEQT room tuning.

Other updates included in Acurus Tools 2.950:

- ACT4 20 and MUSE 16 firmware 2.950 updates

- ASPEQT 1.300 firmware update

- M8 1.200 firmware update

Read release notes and download Acurus Tools at


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